What to do if your back hurts?


Quite often you can hear complaints of pain in the back. And this is normal, since it is it who takes up most of the daily load, the vital organs are located near the spine.

A person can be haunted by various unpleasant symptoms: pain between the vertebrae, between the spine, strange sensations in the back, aching and heaviness. In some cases, this is just evidence of overwork or sleeping in an uncomfortable position. However, such discomfort may indicate the presence of trauma or complex developmental diseases.

With age, most people know what treatment is needed if they experience pain in the spine, bud, pain in the back, or between episodes of pain that wanders, presses, sharp, or stabs. Ointments and gels are most often used for recurrent cases with similar symptoms to relieve the condition before a visit. An alternative would be patches that contain therapeutic agents and release them over several hours or days.

To understand the cause, for example, why the vertebrae hurt when pressed on the back, or certain bones in the back, you need to see a doctor and have a thorough examination.Sometimes very small identified violations can signal the development of serious pathology.

A visit to a neurologist will help find the cause of your back pain

The reasons

Doctors and scientists have developed a realistic map of back pain, a chart that depicts the types and locations of discomfort, depending on possible causes. This has to be done because there are dozens, if not hundreds, of changes that make our main support body feel bad.

If you have ever thought about what can be pain from the back, as a result of which the spine stiffens and begins to hurt, is this a disease and why it develops, then see the list of reasons.

Your back may hurt because of:

  1. Holding an uncomfortable position for a long time: driving, sitting in an office chair.
  2. Excessive or incorrect load. This is especially common in athletes who are new to training after hitting the gym or when resuming training after a long period of rest.
  3. Excess body weight.
  4. Pregnancy and heavy labor.
  5. Bone tumor.
  6. Protrusion of the intervertebral discs.
  7. Hernia mass formation.
  8. Congenital and acquired diseases lead to severe deformities.
  9. Arthritis.
  10. Tuberculosis of the vertebrae.
  11. Postpone breaks or cracks. Other injuries.
  12. The formation of a tumor inside the spinal canal.
  13. Diseases of adjacent internal organs.
  14. Urinary stone disease.
  15. Diseases of the female reproductive system.

The only correct answer to the question of what to do when the spine has a very strong pain on either side or in the middle of the back on a particular side all the time, to understand why this is happening, is to see a doctor. specialist doctor. or neurologist and complete an examination.

Types of pain

Acute back pain due to overuse or trauma

Just saying "I have back pain" is not enough to identify a specific problem.

There are several types of pain, and depending on the nature, intensity, and frequency of presentation, the specialist will determine the probable diagnosis during the initial examination.

The main types of back pain:

  • Sharp and strong. Indicates overactivity, damage to muscles, ligaments or the presence of trauma.
  • Shot in the foot. Usually occurs with a herniated disc that irritates or compresses the nerve root.
  • Hurt.They often talk about the appearance of a focus of inflammation, they also appear with the presence of a tumor.
  • Chronic.They are a sign of a long-term illness, such as osteonecrosis. Such symptoms often require some course of supportive care.
  • Moved (reflected).A person feels pain in the neck, chest or lower back, but in fact there is a pathology of the internal organs located near the spine.

What does it mean to locate back pain in the center between the vertebrae, as evidenced by the fact that when pressing on the middle of the back, there will be pain like needles, a sign of what disease it will be when being stabbed in aplace? These questions remain unanswered until careful investigation. After all, the same type of pain can indicate completely different diseases.

If you suffer from persistent back pain, you should consult your doctor

In which cases should you go to the doctor?

In fact, to find out why every day the back spine often hurts, the middle of the back is constantly aching inside, if the pain is long in the middle without knowing the cause and what to do, it can only be: Okay. contact the clinic and undergo an examination. Otherwise, using painkillers or folk remedies, can only harm themselves, making the condition worse.

There are times when it is necessary to consult a doctor urgently, as it can be a serious life-threatening condition and may result in further disability.

You should seek medical attention immediately if you experience the following symptoms:

  1. Due to pain, loss of sensation in the lower or upper extremities, completely or partially.
  2. At the same time, the lower back, legs and foot joints ache.
  3. Symptoms appear after an injury, even with a light blow or an unsuccessful fall.
  4. Severe pain that doesn't go away for three days or longer, only improves for the duration of the pain medication's effect.
  5. Lower back pain accompanied by frequent or infrequent urination, perineal numbness (these signs require immediate medical attention! )

There are many reasons why a back vertebra is painful when pressed, in the middle, where the spine, or in the center of the spine is in constant pain, which can be understood precisely only after. beyond diagnosis. Such a health condition is a symptom of even a compression fracture, so you should not delay seeing a doctor.


An X-ray is an essential diagnostic method if your back is painful

What should a person do if in the middle, in the middle, on one side, or even all over the back, there is a sound of walking, shooting in the spine, sharp or dull pain, how to know your diagnosis? The answer is simple and logical: contact the experts. After all, it is possible to determine exactly what is happening to you only with the help of modern experimental tools.

After seeing a specialist or neurologist with persistent or persistent middle back pain, for a diagnosis, the cause will first be determined.

After the preliminary survey and thorough examination, when the doctor has a preliminary opinion, the patient is assigned to do hardware and paraclinical tests.

To find out the cause of the sharp pain in the back, on the middle of the waist, to understand what the terrible symptoms indicate, andwhat to do, how to treat, what drugs to use in this condition, some diagnostic methods used:

  • Blood analysis.Detect deficiency or excess of certain substances. Blood tests may be used to determine the presence of infections in the body or viral infections. And severe iron deficiency can be one of the symptoms of developing cancer.
  • X-rayallows you to examine in detail the areas where you feel particularly uncomfortable and identify deviations in the structure of the bones. Even the degree of coloration of the bones allows you to determine their condition and, if necessary, take timely measures to strengthen them.
  • supersonicThe organs have a direct effect on the spine and can cause pain in the spine area.
  • Bone scanIt is necessary when the presence of compression fractures due to the development of osteoporosis is suspected or the presence of tumors invading the usual location and integrity of tissues.
  • Electromechanicalallows you to determine the state of the nervous tissue. Our nerves transmit pain signals, so if something were to happen to them, getting rid of this discomfort won't work until it's completely cured.
  • CT(computerized tomography) allows you to determine the presence of vertebral fractures and the nature of structural violations of the skeleton in this area.
  • MRI- the most accurate and complete research method. It not only allows a detailed view of the condition of the back bone, but also detects flattened discs, herniations, tumors, the presence and extent of nerve compression, inflammatory changes, and the consequences of trauma. .

After receiving the results, the doctor will no longer be a mystery why there are strong stabs, sharp pain in the spine, the cause of the disease and how to treat the patient to recover. of discomfort and restore ease of movement.

Manual therapy for back pain treatment

The treatment

After determining the pathologies of the spine related to the back, taking into account the symptoms and causes, the method of treatment is selected. In each case, it is strictly individual. Usually, the doctor decides what to do, based on the cause of the pain in the middle of the spine, prescribing the most gentle treatment.

Conservative or surgical therapy is used, followed by rehabilitation.

Conservative treatment- This is the use of pharmacological and non-pharmacological methods aimed at relieving symptoms and completely eliminating the cause of the disease that has arisen. Usually, doctors combine several types of therapy to get the best results. However, it should be noted that for each patient, even the same symptom, such as wandering back pain, can have different causes and therefore treatment.

There are several types of therapy.

Medical treatment

If you have pain in the middle of your back, there is pressure along the entire spine or in specific areas, the pain is sharp, sharp, strong, aching, whatever the cause, certain medications will be prescribed. . At least on a regular basis, pain medication will be used to treat symptoms.

These may be nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) or other medications intended to relieve pain. In some cases, the prescription will be short-lived, but with other diagnoses, you will have to take a long course. In addition to NSAIDs, tablets and capsules from the group of muscle relaxants are often used to reduce muscle tone, as are B vitamins.

Ointments and gels for back pain relief

Ointments and gels

Another "assistant" in such matters are the means of outside influence. While the doctor figures out why the spine hurts in the middle of the back in a particular area or all when pressed and decides what to do to reduce the impact of the pain, topical agents will be prescribed. additional.

Ointments and gelsThese are concentrated substances that are applied to the affected area, and then absorbed. They are easy to use in home treatment, almost anyone can apply the remedy independently to the area that bothers them.

There are several types of ointments that are used for pain relief:

  1. Anti-inflammatorywith analgesic effect.
  2. With a vasodilator effect,promote blood flow to the contaminated site.
  3. ChondroprotectorsUsed to maintain and repair cartilage tissue.
  4. Combination drug, anesthetic, reduce inflammation and have a curative effect.


Sometimes, when deciding what to do and how to treat it, when the entire back or a vertebra is painful in the middle or another area, on either side, in the middle of the back, additional symptoms determine the reason. what it could be. and why does it bring so much suffering.

In such cases, to save the patient from the sensation of pain, powerful drugs are used - injected directly into the painful area, sometimes blocking, allowing you to completely extinguish the pain symptom and proceed with the procedure. formal studies and treatment.

Blocking the pain in the middle of the back

Distinctive features of injections that help to cope with discomfort are:

  • The action speed is almost instantaneous.
  • Extremely effective due to high drug concentration.
  • Only a specialist in special conditions has the authority to administer the drug.
  • It is necessary to prescribe the drug by a doctor, taking into account the individual characteristics of the patient, since the likelihood of side effects is high.

In such cases, in order to save the patient from the sensation of pain, strong drugs are used - injected into the buttocks or directly into the painful area (blockage), allowing temporary relief of the pain symptom and conductingfull studies and treatment.

Treatment of back pain with physical therapy

Physical therapy

When a doctor is asked why the back is constantly aching and very painful, often, like being sick, what disease it could be and what to do, if this happens and medicine does not always help, then physiotherapy is the rule.

These are complementary support methods for the treatment of diseases, helping to quickly restore health and maintain it at the necessary level.

Depending on the diagnosis and individual characteristics of the patient, they may prescribe:

  1. Several types of massage.
  2. Conduct physical therapy courses.
  3. Hardware physiotherapy.
  4. Classes with a special coach.
  5. Acupuncture (reflexology).
  6. Manual therapy or chiropractic.

The physical therapy methods listed are effectively combined with each other and can be applied in an integrated approach with pills, injections, and blocks.

At the same time, what to do in case of illness, if the back hurts and aches, what problems can arise if the prescribed procedures are not carried out, only the attending physician knows. You should not independently prescribe any physiotherapeutic effects for yourself, since there is a high probability that the condition will worsen significantly.

Surgical intervention

Sometimes back pain requires surgery

Sometimes after determining what is in the middle of the back that causes pain in the middle when pressed, or why the entire spine is affected so badly, the only decision about what to do if you want to stay healthy is surgery. art.

In such situations, before medical treatment and physiotherapy, surgical intervention of varying degrees of complexity is performed. The essence of surgery is to remove the hernia mass, insert metal elements into the collapsed vertebrae or remove the tumor growth that negatively affects the nerves and compresses the great vessels.

Often surgeries are performed after serious injuries to restore the function of the spine and the entire musculoskeletal system. This is a coercive measure, applied only if conservative treatment is definitely not effective.

After surgical correction, it is often not possible without additional rehabilitation measures to ensure normal mobility of the affected part.

To avoid back pain when working in a sedentary office, need to rest


To keep complaints about back pain from arising in your life, as well as questions about why your back hurts so much, what to do if this happens, you must constantly take preventive measures. Just a few simple rules will keep you healthy for decades. And not just the musculoskeletal system.

There are 4 main principles that allow you to protect yourself from discomfort in your back:

  • Make time for regular exercise every day. This is not about any particular sport, but about strengthening complexes in general, the main task of which is to strengthen and maintain good condition of all muscle groups. Classes should be done 20-30 minutes per day. It could be exercising or running in the morning, swimming in the pool, yoga, even walking at an active pace.
  • Observe the water-salt balance. It is necessary to drink enough water to avoid dehydration accompanied by deficiency and undue stress on the kidneys and excessive edema. At the same time, pure water should be preferred, since most of the popular drinks (tea, coffee, sweet soda) add a serious burden to the kidneys.
  • Eat sensibly. By limiting your intake of fatty, salty, and spicy foods, you will not only lose weight, but also reduce the load on most of your internal systems. Properly cooked food, rich in protein, nutrients, vitamins and trace elements will maintain health, especially in adulthood, better than any medicine.
  • See your doctor regularly. This is especially true for a developing organism, just emerging and in adulthood, when various diseases can develop due to stress, constant stress and predisposition. With a check-up once a year in the clinic, you can ensure your health, get the necessary advice and identify diseases in their early stages, when they are easily curable.
Physical activity is a great way to prevent back pain

In order not to have to go to the clinic why does the back hurt, why does the spine ache and feels uncomfortable, stinging, what to do to avoid pain, you need to follow a few more rules.

They are specifically aimed at maintaining the health of the human spine:

  1. Regularly observe your posture. When a person stoops, he stimulates the development of deformities of the spine.
  2. When carrying heavy loads, be careful to evenly distribute the load between your hands so that you don't feel a stretch on just one side and don't distort the image of your back.
  3. Sedentary office work requires frequent breaks for mobile activities. Once an hour, do a little exercise for 5 minutes, get up and walk around to stretch.
  4. Choose an orthopedic firm mattress and a pillow prescribed by your doctor for sleep.
  5. Avoid awkward positions when sitting, especially if you'll be spending a lot of time in that position. Do not overload the spine and do not bend it in the process.
  6. Lift weights correctly. Do this move without bending but straining your knee joints. Sit down on the object and lift the object from this position with your back straight to avoid injury.
  7. In your spare time, engage in physical activities that promote balance, coordination, and proper breathing. The most accessible ways are outdoor brisk walking, yoga, Pilates, swimming, dancing.

If, according to all the rules, your back suddenly hurts and is severe, immediately consult a doctor to find out why this is happening and what to do next. Self-medicating with pain relievers and delaying a visit to a specialist can harm your health in the future.